Posted by: transcendingchaos | June 9, 2008

The awesome power of cell phones

Okay, I seriously, seriously want to try this. Anyone up for a pop corn party?

The kinda scary thing is — how on earth does that work? Is it the radiation? The heat from the phones? The good vibrations?
Or is it all a big hoax to trick poor North Americans like myself?



  1. hehe, I was curious to know if this was true or not so I google searched it and came up with this link: — totally a stupid story, but this comment at the bottom had me seriously rollin’:

    James Borland on June 10th, 2008 1:06 pm
    I would try this, but I don’t want to go to hell so I refuse to use a cell phone. It is probably the devil on the phone making the popcorn pop.

    haha, LOVE IT!

  2. haha – that’s great!

    Chris and I tried — with only two cell phones — and unfortunately it didn’t work. I think we’ll try it again once we can get four cell phones together.

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